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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2009, 1:57 PM

Yanassis I by lxrichbirdsf
Yanassis II by lxrichbirdsf
This one was taken in a park as we walked from Yana's place to there. When we were walking on the road inside the park and I saw the arrow on the ground...this happened to be capture. I asked the sisters to lie in such a way to present falling, and the photo is the 2nd try, and I thought of the idea of making them look like falling after taking the 1st shot of them lying down.

This was taken before we reached the park, somewhere just near the flat. As my original intention was shoot something simple, where the sisters have simple and similar poses which can be quite stiff. Nevertheless it was on purpose, as I thought it would somehow produce artistic result.

Costrange Incidence

Costrange Incidence II by lxrichbirdsf
Costrange Incidence I by lxrichbirdsf
We (Who?) saw these two interesting girls while wondering in Orchard Road, Singapore. After we saw them the first time, we saw them again on their way back from the opposite direction of where they went just now. We asked them if they would like to take some photos, as I suddenly thought of continuing the theme and style of Yanasis.

I took a short while looking around and think for a nice spot to shoot them, and they told me not to rush. I am pleased with the result on the bottom left, the closer shot with 85mm, a great lens indeed.


The original title was ToiVision, it was derived from the location being in a toilet and a TV is involved. Somehow the title ended to be W.U.P, as I had forgotten the original title completely at the time when I was submitting the deviations. Now, I have re-named the series back to ToiVision. The props used are medical bandages and a small old fashioned TV set, which I bought for SGD$30, and I dismantled it. When I opened the TV up I was amazed by the interior like the circuit boards and the tube and that was the reason why I took the shot in the 2nd part of the series, I just felt I have to shoot it, and idea of placing a photo within the TV frame came very naturally.

I did a lot of planning, mainly visualizing the concepts, especially on how to connect the model clones together at once with the bandage. I sat on the sofa in the Mess in my army camp, and I got the solution. I wish the series could have been more complete as I had planned to make a few more shots, but failed due to time constrains, as Emily (the model) had to go off for a meeting. She was kind and helpful enough to work with me to make this happen free of charge, as she said she really like the idea.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath I by lxrichbirdsf
The Aftermath II by lxrichbirdsf
My 2nd shoot with Emily. She was sourcing for photographers to shoot a nature theme, and agreed to photograph her in Punggol, Singapore. Punngol is like a huge less developed natural area, where we could find some interesting spots to shoot provided that we know the way. Sunlight was often very direct and cooking us away most of the time. However this series was shot under the shade, and the scattered light spots looked very attractive to my eyes. I really like the way the light falls on her face through the leaf gaps. More shots will be uploaded and we were all pleased with the photos even though we were tanned.

Rated GP

Rated GP I by lxrichbirdsf

Rated GP II by lxrichbirdsf
It has been two years since Grace and me took some photos at her playground, it is very shocking for her to realise that it has been 2 years +!! The these photos were the first to be taken as I set up my tripod with Horizon Perfekt mounted on it. The panoramic view of the camera allow for a non-distorted capture within a very small space. Grace was a genius by putting her legs inside her big shirt. She bought the shirt because when we were talking shooting something again, I mentioned that she could wear a really big t-shirt. She loves the photos!


More photos coming soon featuring Emily and Grace, from the same photo shoots I did with them. In fact I did the photo shoot with Grace just the day before Emily and I went to Punggol.

I feel fortunate enough to be able to shoot so much so far for the fact that I am currently in the army wasting life away. Nevertheless, a lot of important things to me will not exist without National Service.


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Thanks a lot!
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